Dr. Eric Warne and Dr. Craig Close holding the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Distinction Plaque
Dr. Eric Warne and Dr. Craig Close proudly display the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Distinction Plaque, symbolizing their commitment to exceptional care in chiropractic services.

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Excellence in Action: Grand Itasca Receives 2024 ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Designation

Grand Itasca has been recognized with the esteemed ChiroCare Centers of Excellence (CCoE) designation. Gain insights from our dedicated chiropractors and explore how Grand Itasca's comprehensive approach to care transforms lives in our community in this blog post.
  • March 22, 2024
  • By Staff Writer

A Testament to Dedication: Fulcrum Health's ChiroCare Centers of Excellence Distinction

We are thrilled to announce that Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital has received the esteemed ChiroCare Centers of Excellence (CCoE) designation. This recognition is a testament to our dedication and commitment to providing exceptional care to our community, specifically in the field of spine care.

The Felcrum Health CCoE designation exemplifies our health care professionals' values of providing patient-centered care. It celebrates our steadfast commitment to employing a collaborative approach to ensure the best possible outcomes and quality of life for our patients.

Insights from Our Chiropractors

We had the privilege of speaking with two of our chiropractors, Dr. Eric Warne and Dr. Craig Close, to gain insights into what this distinction means for our team:

Eric Warne, DC: Elevating Patient-Centric Care
"This honor truly reflects the dedication of our entire team at Grand Itasca. We are deeply committed to providing the best possible care to our patients, and we are fortunate to have support and collaboration across our organization. This recognition not only speaks to the values of our department but also reflects the patient-centered approach that we value at Grand Itasca."

Craig Close, DC: Prioritizing Patient Interests

"Implementing standardized clinical protocols ensures that our patients' needs always come first. Research consistently demonstrates that an integrated and collaborative approach leads to better outcomes and a patient-centric healthcare model. Embracing this patient-centric ethos creates an environment that delivers tailored, high-quality care to our patients." 

A Comprehensive Approach to Spine Care

At Grand Itasca, we recognize the profound impact of neck and back pain on individuals' lives. Our approach to treating pain extends beyond conventional methods, embracing a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that targets the root cause of the issue. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals, including physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and specialists, all working together to deliver personalized care tailored to each patient's unique needs.

A Commitment to Excellence and Continuous Improvement

While receiving the Centers of Excellence designation is an honor, it fuels our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. We are grateful for this recognition and remain dedicated to improving our patient's quality of life. 

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