Capturing a moment of strategic collaboration and generosity: Jessica Schmitz, Director of Surgical Services, Molly Sobtzak, Manager of Nursing, and Jill Murray, Lake Superior College board member, stand poised in front of recently donated surgical equipment.

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Generosity in Action: Grand Itasca's $15,000 Orthopedic Surgical Equipment Donation

Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital is igniting a spark in health care education at Lake Superior College with a donation—over $15,000 worth of cutting-edge orthopedic surgical instrument sets. This donation reflects Grand Itasca's dedication to fostering the next generation of health care professionals by providing students with various tools for an immersive, hands-on learning experience. Explore the details in our latest blog post and witness how innovation meets education to shape the future of health care professionals.

  • December 26, 2023
  • By Staff Writer

Our Commitment to Supporting Education

Grand Itasca's commitment to supporting education recently manifested in our donation of orthopedic surgical equipment sets to Lake Superior College’s Surgical Technologist program. This contribution aligns with our dedication to nurturing the next generation of health care professionals.


Maximizing Impact Through the Leveraged Equipment Program

Our commitment to education extends further through strategic partnerships. Teaming up with Lake Superior College was a logical step, given the opportunity to donate specialty surgical equipment. The orthopedic surgical sets, with a total value of $15,000, become even more impactful through the Leverage Equipment Program. Established in 1998 by the Minnesota State College and University system, this program ensures a 1-for-1 dollar value match, amplifying the impact of our donation.


Investing in Future Caregivers

The driving force behind this initiative is our Director of Surgical Services, Jessica Schmitz, also a Lake Superior College Surgical Technician Advisory Board member. Her pivotal role in facilitating the donation of specialty orthopedic surgical sets speaks to our commitment to hands-on education. Schmitz shares, "It feels great to contribute to educating our future caregivers," recognizing the importance of instilling confidence in students for their clinical rotations.


All donated surgical sets are orthopedic, fundamental tools for procedures like external fixators for fractured bones. The diverse array of sets, including locking small fragment sets, modular reaming systems, and ACL instruments, enriches the learning experience for students and prepares them for real-world scenarios.

Donation of diverse orthopedic surgical equipment, including small & large fragment sets, titanium elastic nails, modular systems, ACL tools, LC BCP plates, and more, ready to ensure Lake Superior College students have hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools.

Gratitude and Excitement: Immediate Impact at Lake Superior College

The impact of the donation is immediate and palpable. Kathleen Terwey, Surgical Technology Program Director at Lake Superior College, expresses immense gratitude. "It is so important for our students to get hands-on experience with surgical instruments and supplies. Specialty surgical instruments, especially those used for orthopedic surgery, are extremely expensive and often fall outside of our annual budget.” The donated orthopedic instruments, valued not only for their cost but also for their educational significance, enable students to engage in practical exercises such as setting up and organizing their workspaces, assembling instruments, and mastering fundamental steps in placing orthopedic hardware. Terwey adds, "I have fifteen second-year students in awe of this equipment. They are so excited to get their hands on them." The enthusiasm among students highlights the transformative impact on their educational experience.


Long-term Benefits: Community Connections and Ongoing Support

Beyond immediate outcomes lies the enduring impact of investing in health care education. Tina Oles, Director of Respiratory Therapy at Grand Itasca, emphasizes the valuable connections cultivated through our support of programs like those at Lake Superior College. Our continuous support has positioned Grand Itasca as a crucial resource, welcoming respiratory therapy interns every semester with the aspiration that they will transition into employees.


Investing in Tomorrow's Health Care Professionals

Grand Itasca keeps its door open for future collaborations and initiatives supporting health care education. This ongoing dedication ensures a sustained impact on the education and development of future health care professionals.


Join us in shaping the future of health care by supporting education and nurturing the next generation of health care professionals. Your involvement can impact the lives of students at Lake Superior College and contribute to the vitality of our local health care community. Whether through volunteer opportunities, future collaborations, or philanthropic contributions, we can continue to empower and inspire the caregivers of tomorrow.

Grand Itasca's generous donation of state-of-the-art orthopedic surgical instruments to Lake Superior College sparks excitement among students.